Introducing Five Stars

After posting for nearly two years in Swiftly Swift, and a hiatus of almost two years after that, I welcome you to my new blog!

A lot has happened since my last update, and I have various reasons behind the lack of posts: for starters, as somebody that cares deeply about everything that surrounds Apple, I felt too constrained by my previous, self-imposed, blog name.

I still want to write about Swift and iOS Development, however I don't want these topics to be the limit of what you can expect here: from now on do expect new experimental, meta, opinionistic, and just different articles as well.

In the meanwhile I've also become a full-time iOS Developer: previously I was building apps, learning, and writing about iOS development exclusively during my own spare time. I'm very happy to have turned my main hobby into something that I enjoy doing all day (almost) every day!

Thanks to this last change, my iOS knowledge, learning, and experience simply skyrocketed and, even to this day, I keep a pace that simply was not possible just two years ago. I'm very grateful for this opportunity, and this blog will definitively benefit and reflect these new gains.

Lastly, I want to mention that I've never stopped doing iOS development. In fact I'm more than happy to let you know that my own apps are now more popular than ever, have more than double the revenue since my last update, and have been even featured in the App Store, multiple times!

The future ahead is bright: I hope you will join me in this journey.


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