What's New In Swift 5.2 🏎

Just a little over 6 months after the announcement of Swift 5.1, we have a new Swift dot release:
Swift 5.2.

Despite being smaller in comparison to 5.1, Swift 5.2 brings so many new enhancements such as better diagnostics, more keypaths use, subscripts default arguments, and much more.

For the 19th iOSDevTH meetup I've prepared a what's new in Swift 5.2 presentation:
one slide per change, a small comment, and a code example.

You can see the whole presentation slides here:


Check out the full slides at SpeakerDeck

I really like this format, because it lets me quickly revisit all the changes in a simple way: if you download the slides pdf, each slide also links to the associated Swift Evolution or Swift Report.

As with my previous talks, I've made the slides, along with other materials, available to download in the talks repository.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more articles!


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