The WWDC Countdown Talks Challenge

The amount of amazing content out there is incredible. With so much at our disposal, it's very easy to fall behind and never catch up.

With speculations indicating a WWDC happening on the first week of June, in early May, exactly 4 weeks before June, I've publicly challenged myself to watch at least one talk per day for the rest of May, welcoming others to join as well.

In this post you can find all the videos that I watched, separated by topic. If you would like to see them in the same chronological order as I did, please refer to this Twitter thread instead.

The Twitter thread also has a short summary for each talk.

Without further ado:

SwiftUI & Combine



iOS Tools

Developer Life


Seeing this list makes me so grateful to the amazing Swift/iOS community: regardless of where you are, you can learn from people all around the world, on the topic that matters to you, for free.

How did the challenge go? Well, I watched two or more talks per day for most of the challenge: my goal was to reduce my talks-to-watch backlog, I think it went very well!

And since WWDC is still a few weeks away, this extra time allows me to launch a new project, very WWDC and community focused, in the upcoming weeks 😉

Observe this space, rss here, to not miss it!
Until then 👋🏻


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